Adventus Travel and the EU Ecolabel

 Hello! And welcome to the Adventus Travel blog. We are so excited to have you here on our page as, like us, you are interested in living greener lives both at home and abroad. Our website is in its infancy, but our passion for eco-friendly vacations and bringing you the best in green European accommodation is fully formed. From small Spanish "casa rural"s to big city hotels and luxury eco-resorts, we have scoured the continent for amazing holiday destinations that don’t compromise your values.

We are here to guide you, the modern day eco-warrior, to the best vacation spots in Europe. Search engines are inundated with booking sites and individual hotel web pages that can take hours to scroll through, looking for those energy-saving qualities you require for your vacation. So, how have we selected our locations and how do we know they hold the same values as us here at Adventus Travel? The answer is simpler than you think. We are proud to be working exclusively with accommodations that have received the EU Ecolabel, an opt-in project in which businesses promise to meet certain green goals in exchange for this internationally recognised accreditation. As of November 2017, we are focussed on hotels, hostels, and campsites in Spain and France, but soon we will have many more destinations online.

In our first-ever blog post, we want to expand on the promises made by the hotels, hostels, and campsites we represent. How did the European Union decide the parameters for the EU Ecolabel? In order to realise the perfect balance between achievable commitments and a sizeable ecological impact, they worked with environmentalists, tourism experts and representatives for you, the consumer, to create this project - which goes way beyond energy-saving lightbulbs and encouraging guests to reuse their towels!

You can find the EU Ecolabel website linked at the bottom of this post, should you wish to check out the innovative ways they are helping to reduce Europe’s effect on climate change. The label can be awarded to everything from cleaning products to electronics, but we're highlighting what holiday accommodations do to cut their greenhouse gas emissions dramatically. These places, with your help, are proving that one person can make a difference. When you choose to book with Adventus Travel, you are choosing to book with people that care as much as you do about the local and global impact of travel.

Green energy vacations

1. Renewable energy

For many of us, renewable energy means big wind farms in the countryside or out at sea, and solar panels in vast fields, and it’s not always clear where the power is going! Well, some of it could be going to your holiday home. The accommodations on our website have pledged that a minimum of 50% of their energy will come from renewable sources. Be it wind, water or sun that keeps the lights on, you can rest easy knowing that a minimal amount of fossil fuels are being used to power your vacation.

2. Recycling and waste management

It may seem an obvious and simple task to those who live in countries where recycling and waste management are commonplace, but we believe it’s so important to highlight the EU Ecolabel's requirement that a vacation accommodation manages their waste efficiently. Effectively sorting garbage into the correct groups (paper, plastic, glass etc.), just as many of us do in our own homes, can be a mammoth task for larger hotels, and access to recycling resources can seem impossible in rural locations. However, all the accommodation on has found a way to overcome these obstacles and minimise damage to the local environment caused by excess rubbish. From the biggest hotel to the smallest bed and breakfast, they do not purchase any individually packaged products and reuse and recycle as much as possible.

3. Buying locally

One of the biggest contributors to a business’ carbon footprint is transportation costs. If you’re staying in a remote location, getting the products that you need to your locality can be tricky. EU Ecolabel endorsed hotels and accommodations will always buy locally where possible, which is to say that if something can be found locally, this is the product they will use. Not only does this help the local economy, it also brings local specialties and delicacies to the guests at these lodgings, helping you truly connect with where you are staying and better understand how the locals live.

Fresh & local market produce

4. Use of pollutants

Cleaning products filled with harsh chemicals are used regularly in lots of places; we’ve all felt that almost stinging sensation in our nostrils or throat when confronted with the unmistakable odour of bleach. While many make excuses for sticking with tough chemicals (“the natural products don’t work” or “it’s quicker and easier when you use something stronger”), EU Ecolabel accommodations have made a conscious effort to use fewer pollutants  - there are actually many EU Ecolabel approved cleaning products which have made it even easier to keep things neat without compromising your green goals.

We hope these brief summaries of how accommodations with the EU Ecolabel operate have given you some renewed energy when it comes to planning your next trip to Europe. As the weather turns cooler and you’re thinking of how you can save energy this winter – maybe by keeping the central heating at a lower temperature or buying less Christmas lights this year! – you can save plenty of mental energy by trusting Adventus Travel to organise great, eco-conscious accommodation that also provides high-quality customer service. Our dedicated team and user-friendly website are here to help you maintain your high standards of eco-responsibility effortlessly – all you have to do is choose where you want to go.

For more information on the EU Ecolabel you can visit their website or watch this short informational video.