Our Mission

Adventus Travel has a clear mission: to promote eco-friendly hotels, hostels and campsites across Europe. We want to make it as easy as possible for eco-conscious people to find accommodation that doesn’t compromise their green energy goals. No need to search for “eco” or “sustainable” filters on our page – every accommodation we have is committed to reducing their, and therefore your, carbon footprint.

Our Price Promise

Adventus Travel will never add extra or hidden fees onto your booking - you get the same price as you would get booking directly with the hotel. We offer a reservation service, with our website helping you easily find eco-friendly accommodation that we have selected with our customers in mind.

Who are we?

We are a small but passionate team of like-minded people, based in Barcelona, Spain. Through our own travels and also our day-to-day lives in this city, we have become acutely aware of the environmental impact of tourism. The Barcelona beaches are dogged by plastic and rubbish; one team member, a keen paddle surfer, sadly now passes the same amount of time collecting discarded plastic bottles and beer cans from the sand to recycle as he does in the water. While we consider ourselves very lucky to live in a holiday destination, it got us thinking about how we vacation and what we look for in a great accommodation. We personally try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, and we want to stay in lodgings that do the same.

So, what do we offer?

Once upon a time, an “eco-holiday” would conjure images of camping in the wilderness without running water, electricity or other basic facilities. Of course, if this is what you enjoy, please go ahead! But if you look for a little more luxury in your travels without needing to compromise your commitment to the environment, then Adventus Travel is the only resource you will need.

Most hotels are now making some changes in order to be more environmentally friendly. For example, you may have noticed now that hotels will ask you to consider if you really need a fresh towel every day and they have recycling bins around instead of just standard trash cans. Every little helps, of course, but we want to highlight those hotels, hostels and campsites that are going much further.

At Adventus Travel, we believe the future of tourism depends on choosing sustainability now, to help preserve the Earth for the next generation. We are here to guide you and make finding that perfect, green accommodation a breeze. If you’re tired of choosing between comfort and your carbon footprint, then Adventus Travel are the people you need to talk to!

So what are you waiting for? Have look at our fantastic European destinations and get in touch for more information.